Here’s Comes the Bride, or Groom, Again.


If you’re fortunate enough to find love again after divorce, it is perfectly normal to want to celebrate this new union with your family and friends in a special way. Whether you had a big wedding or small wedding from your first marriage, it is important that you and your fiance decide how you want to celebrate this momentous day. A big part of your celebration is the decor that expresses your love for one and captures important aspects of each others personality. Make this day unique for the both of you. A day, a moment, an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

We all know that one of the most important parts of planning your wedding is choosing a florist. With this being your second marriage, you will have a unique set of considerations, focusing on personal preferences, experiences from the first wedding, and potentially different wedding dynamics. Here’s a tailored guide to assist you in designing your next wedding:


1. Reflect on Past Experiences: Consider what worked well and what you might want to change from your previous wedding. Reflect on the floral arrangements that you loved and those you wish to modify or avoid this time around.

2. Personalized Vision: With a second marriage, you might have different priorities and preferences. Define your vision for this wedding; whether you want a smaller, intimate affair, or if you’re aiming for a different style or theme compared to your first marriage.

3. Communication and Sensitivity: Communicate openly with the florist about your previous wedding experience. A seasoned florist will understand and respect your feelings, ensuring the new arrangements align with your desires for this celebration.

4. Prioritize Your Desires: Focus on what’s important to you for this wedding. Whether it’s specific flowers, a particular color scheme, or a different approach to the floral arrangements, convey these preferences clearly to the florist.


5. Budget and Practicality: Assess your budget for floral arrangements based on your priorities for this wedding. Allocate funds according to your preferences and the overall vision while considering the lessons learned from the previous experience.

6. Tailored Consultations: When meeting potential florists, share insights from your previous wedding experience. Look for a florist who respects your perspective and can adapt to meet your evolving needs and preferences.

7. Incorporate New Elements: Embrace the opportunity to incorporate fresh ideas and elements that symbolize this new chapter of your life. Explore unique floral designs or arrangements that reflect your current relationship and personality.

8. Embrace Simplicity or Elaboration: Whether you desire a more understated approach or wish to go all out with elaborate floral displays, convey these preferences to the florist. A second marriage often offers the chance to explore different styles and tones.

9. Flexibility and Accommodation: Prioritize flexibility and accommodation in the florist’s approach. They should be understanding of your personal circumstances and open to adjusting arrangements or schedules to suit your needs.

10. Symbolism and Meaning: Consider incorporating flowers or arrangements that hold special significance to your current relationship. Infuse personal meaning into the floral selections to make this wedding uniquely yours.


In summary, selecting a florist for a second marriage involves leveraging past experiences while embracing new opportunities. Focus on personalization, effective communication, and finding a florist who resonates with your current vision, ensuring this celebration feels distinct and meaningful.


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