Guys, Don’t Mess This Up!: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Guys! Valentine’s Day is almost here! Have you actually made any plans for you and your Valentine? If you have not, I’m here to offer you FREE game. These simple, inexpensive ideas will make for a really romantic experience for you and your special Valentine. Your Valentine will feel the love and thoughtfulness, and you will, too. SO, let’s get into it!


Let’s Stay in Tonight !

One of the things I ALWAYS ask my husband for is a romantic day in, or a romantic Staycation. Think about it, when a couple goes on vacation, most of the time, they have an AMAZING time. What is the core element that makes it amazing: It’s just you two. No kids, no work, no responsibilities. You both are free to get up and go, as you please, knowing that you have that special time to yourselves. What makes all of this really impressive and attractive is that YOU are leading the day. It’s SEXY. Here’s my advice:

(1) Tell your Valentine that you have made a Valentines plan for them and to not make any plans for your special day, or weekend.

(2) GET RID OF THE KIDS! This plan will fail if this doesn’t happen. If you haven’t already done so, arrange for a babysitter, even if it’s just for one day. You need your Valentine to reset their brain, relax,and be ready and open to a day, or weekend of romance.You do not want her to be on, “Mommy Duty.” That’s fun for no one.

(3) Now, let’s set the mood. You will need to do this next part in advance. Like right now: Create a custom playlist with songs that hold sentimental value, or some really nice Jazz, Bossanova, etc. We will refer to this playlist later on.


(3) Next, spend the next week writing 2-3, or more, love notes! You only need a few sentences, or, write more if you desire. Now, hide the notes in 2-3 areas where you know they will find them by surprise. For example, behind the mirror where she keeps her toothbrush, inside a drawer, in the refrigerator, etc. Just put them in a place where you know your Valentine will see it. The point of this is to make her feel special. These “special” feelings will only help to heighten your time together. How much did this cost you? It costs you $0. Just a pen, paper, and a few minutes of your time.


(4) I highly suggest you start the day with breakfast in bed. Just get up before your Valentine wakes up and allow the delicious aroma of a homemade breakfast to wake her. You both can then dine together in bed, or set the dining room table and eat there. Us ladies LOVE these gestures!!! Now, it is perfectly fine and special to go out for breakfast. Look up a couple of interesting brunch, or breakfast restaurants, check to see if you need reservations, and surprise her!

(5) Spend your afternoon doing something fun together. Here are some ideas (you may need to make reservations for some of these): Go see a movie, do a Paint and Sip class, do a glass blowing class, go ice or roller skating, go shopping to some of her favorite stores, do a wine tasting, play games at home (there are inexpensive couple games you can buy online and even download), etc. If you decide to stay in for your activity, score BIG points by making a simple charcuterie board. Most popular groceries stores have a special section for specialty cheeses, jams, bread, etc, and there may be a clerk available to help decide what to get and let you taste the cheeses. Or, just buy a pre-made board! Don’t forget to pick up 2-3 bottles of wine for tasting. You both can nibble on your charcuterie board while playing your game or doing an activity. Let me tell you something…my husband did this and it was SO romantic, let’s just say, we had a really good evening!


(6) I highly suggest you both stay in and cook a simple meal TOGETHER. TRUST me. If cooking is not your strength, just order in but, set the mood. Light a bunch of candles right before dinner is ready (careful not don’t burn down the place), have that special playlist playing romantically in the background, turn the lights down low, and prepare a few conversation topics to have over dinner (Do NOT talk about the kids, work, or ANY responsibilities).

(7) Slow dance with her. After dinner is done, grab her hand, draw her in close to you, embrace her and just sway your bodies side-to-side to the music. Just TRUST me. Just DO it. Dance with her. At least for a couple of songs. This is going to pay off BIG time.

Honestly, if you have done all, or MOST, of these things, you’ve hit it out of the park! Congratulations! Your special day, or weekend, will be so memorable. This will be something she will never forget and will always cherish. Successful relationships need lots of good times because it’s these memories that help when we inevitably come across those bad times in life.

I hope this helps and you and your love have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!



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